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The Drug Store is an area of Edward City featured in Dino Crisis 2.


Robson's was a local store in the city that sold mostly hardware and sundries. Most of the interior has been trashed due to a Velociraptor break-in through a large window at the back of the shop. Inside, there are two Velociraptor corpses and the body of the store's owner, who appear to have killed each other in a fight.


The Shop Owner's Papers (file) can be found on the reception desk. A Med Pak S can be found by the broken windows. The Living quarters key can be found not far from the dead corpse of the store owner.[1] This room has a Save terminal, where Dylan can obtain more powerful weapons and upgrades.


Location Localization Original Script
Dead raptor It's a dead body of a raptor. The raptor has a shotgun wound. The owner and the raptor must have killed each other. ショットガンの散弾を受けたラプトルの死体だ 恐らく店主と相撃ちだったのだろう
The cart at the centre The cart probably had everday goods in it. There are hardly any new goods. Old books already read are everywhere. 倒れたワゴンには日用雑貨が並べられていたようだ 新しい商品はほとんどない 読み古しの本などが目立つ
Repair items nearby the dead raptors There are many repair items such as paint. Most of the cans have swollen from age. ペンキなどの補修用品が並んでいる 古くなったせいか大半の缶は膨張してしまっている
Dead human corpse He must have been the owner of this store. There is a shotgun by his feet. この店の主人のようだ 足元にはショットガンが転がっている
Shelf by owner's corpse There is a shredded box of cigarettes and inside are hand-made cigars. ボロボロになったタバコの箱が棚に転がっている 箱の中には手製らしい不揃いの葉巻が詰め込まれている
Cabin near the human corpse Knives and hammers must have been kept here. But nothing is left. They must have been taken to use as weapons. ナイフやハンマーなど工具が陳列されていたようだ すべて持ち出されている 武器として使用されたのだろう
Shattered glass The reinforced glass has been shattered. The dirt and mud on the window frame is a sign of a dinosaur intrusion. 強化ガラスの窓が粉々になっている 窓枠の泥の跡はここからの恐竜の侵入を物語っている
Shelf near the shattered glass The glass on the shelf has broken and the inside has been trashed. 棚のガラスが割れて中が荒らされてる 残された空き箱は各種銃器の弾薬のものだ
The counter On the counter are books and tabs of sales records. Of course there is nothing written in them. カウンターの上に売り上げの帳簿などが散乱している 当然 記入などしてあるはずもない
Cashier In the cashier are lots of bills put in carelessly. All the coins have been taken out. キャッシャーには無造作に紙幣が詰め込まれている 硬貨は1枚もない




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