Dylan Morton is the commanding officer of the Tactical Reconnoitering and Acquisition Team, a US Army special operations unit, assigned to the Edward City mission. Dylan was to collaborate with S.O.R.T. member Regina on accomplishing the mission objectives. Those objectives were to rescue any survivors, retrieve the Third Energy data and bring it all back to the present time.


Early lifeEdit

As a young man, Dylan associated himself heavily with street gangs. This lifestyle led to the revenge-killing of his mother and sister by a rival gang who broke into his house. Disturbed by the experience, Dylan left the gang behind and joined the military, keeping his sister's necklace to remind him of his past.[1]


By 2010, 26 year old Dylan was a first lieutenant in an army special operations taskforce known as TRAT. In May of that year his platoon was ordered on a time-travel operation to rescue the survivors of a Third Energy accident in Edward City several months prior. The camp was attacked by a pack of Velociraptors, and the entire platoon was wiped out save for Dylan; David Falk and Regina, a SORT agent on assignment to the team.[2] The three continued their mission as normal, and soon discovered they had overshot Edward City by some two decades, with a jungle expanding to take over much of the terrain west of a lake, and with it the expansion of dinosaur territory. When Dylan and Regina linked with David in Edward City, the last of the civilians perished,[3] and David himself died when an Allosaurus attacked them at a river. 

Dylan was washed out downriver, where he was saved by a teenage girl, Paula. Reaching a high-tech facility, he discovered his destiny, that in 2055 he would again time travel to the region as the leader of the Noah's Ark Plan, and bring with him the very dinosaurs that populate it, victims of a time-displacement catastrophe, and also finding Paula to be his own daughter. Regina traveled through a timegate to 2010, promising to rescue him and Paula with improved technology.

How Regina saved Dylan and Paula is not known, but the two were prevented from escaping back to 2010 by the Noah's Ark Plan's computer system, MTHR, which malfunctioned and began time-displacing 21st century landmarks, sending them to another universe known as Hyperspace. The two planned to temporally-displace a third party moments before their death; this way, Dylan felt, he would not be sending them to their deaths as it was always their destiny. Their candidate was Lieutenant Mike Wired, an American pilot destined to be killed in combat in 1943. Wired succeeded in repairing MTHR, and Dylan returned back to 2010.

Noah's Ark PlanEdit

In the years between 2010 and 2055, a crisis emerged on the Earth as a temporal anomaly resulting from Third Energy began displacing dinosaurs. Threatened by the possibility of temporal displacement wiping out humanity (or preventing it from existing), the Noah's Ark Plan was established. The goal was to send these displaced dinosaurs three million years into the future where they would cease to be a harm to them. Dylan, now a Colonel, led the mission and the teams brought their families along. At the end of the mission, the timegate stopped working and the dinosaurs escaped containment, killing most of the team. Dylan himself lived long enough to record a message he knew his younger self would eventually listen to.

Further notesEdit

  • He is shown to be quite brash when it comes to making choices, as when he prefers to cut away the vines using his Machete instead of going the other way with Regina at the beginning of the game.
  • Main Skills: Physical strength, stamina, psychological durability in adverse combat situations, heavy weapons specialist
  • Distinctive Features: Blonde hair, blue eyes, gang tattoos



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