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An easter egg is a hidden bonus within a video game, which may be a game mechanic or humorous texture. There are several such easter eggs in the Dino Crisis games.

Dino Crisis[]

There are several references to the Dreamcast console in Dino Crisis, in spite of its PlayStation launch. They can be found on various textures, such as written on sheets of paper found on office tables.

Naked woman[]

A poster of a naked woman can be found in the Locker Room on Facility 1F, against the door back out to the Management Office Hall.

Regina magazine[]

Regina's face can be found in the Office as the cover of a magazine.


Several rooms in the game use generic sign post assets, which name Todd McFarlane and Gary Reed, a President and Vice President of McFarlane Toys.

Sequel hint[]

Another generic sign in the game reads "I'll be back! Dino Crisis SONY".


A number of heavy metal bands are named on a map of the facility in the Rest Station. These include White Zombie and Bon Jovi.

Street Fighter[]

A copy of Street Fighter Zero can be found in the Researcher Rest Room.

Star Wars[]

A Star Wars magazine with the Millennium Falcon on the cover can be found in the Researcher Rest Room.

Developer cameo[]

The photograph of a developer can be found in the Special Weapons Storage Room on a computer terminal.


A piece of paper found on a table gives a shout-out to the Dreamcast, which came out during production of Dino Crisis.