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"A god or a devil? I don't care about that, only my experiment."
— Edward Kirk, discussing morality with Regina

Dr. Edward Kirk was an energy researcher renowned for being a world leader in his field. Kirk worked primarily as a lead researcher, formulating theories and experiments that validated and implemented those theories. Rising to prominence early in his career due to his Third Energy theory published at age 25, Kirk became noted in the scientific world for his achievements. In 2006, however, a government-funded energy project being managed by Kirk lost its funding, and shortly after the facility suffered an accident in which Kirk was believed to have died tragically.

Three years later, government agents reported that Kirk was alive and well, working as the lead researcher at a remote facility on Ibis Island. Shortly after, S.O.R.T agents were sent to retrieve him. Kirk, moving to escape the facility after analyzing the data from the latest experiment, was eventually recaptured and taken back to government territory. Not wasting any time, Kirk immediately began negotiating future experiments with the military high command.


Development of Third Energy[]

"Once complete control can be established, we will literally have the power of a god at our disposal!."
— Dr. Kirk negotiating with his military backers


Kirk's experimental Third Energy generator

In the early 2000s, Kirk was a leading voice in the search for a third-generation clean energy more efficient than nuclear energy. While his work showed promise, the US government chose to cease funding. Obsessed with his work and believing himself betrayed, Kirk entered secret talks with the Borginian Republic, who sought to harness Third Energy as a potential superweapon though masqueraded this as an interest only in energy production. To disguise his defection, an accident was engineered at his lab in 2006 so his death could be presumed without a body.[2]

When transferred to Ibis Island, Kirk quickly got to work on a new reactor. The new experiment failed with an accident that caused some 150 deaths,[3] in what was blamed on lack of sufficient development of the "Stabilizer". As a delay of even six nanoseconds in containing the energy chain reaction risked another accident, the next three years of the project were spent on building a better Stabilizer.[4] Over these years, Kirk became increasingly obsessed and aggressive at his lab team for perceived sloppiness, and would limit them to performing comparatively basic calculations while only he handled the actual core functions.[5] This created a rift between him and much of the technicians, who began spying on him and one considering his murder.[6][7][8]

After three years of R&D, Kirk's team ultimately failed to create a sufficiently advanced Stabilizer for the project's needs, though the Borginian military had become tired of the repeated delays. In 2009, Col. Clay ordered another test take place. To prevent any accident causing the damage dealt as in 2006, the test was planned to take place outside the facility, and as a strong magnetic storm was expected to be the result the radio antenna was put in storage, effectively cutting off all contact with the outside world.[9] As feared, an accident again took place due to the Stabilizer not being advanced enough. As an immediate consequence, an area of roughly 1km2 around the test generator was transported into the distant past, exchanging it with a 1km2 section of an ancient jungle populated by dinosaurs.[4] At least one Time Gate also formed within the facility itself, allowing dinosaurs to enter the facility from the past.

Escape from Ibis Island[]

"To put it in terms that even you can understand, third energy has the ability to replace a pocket in space with one from a different time."
— Kirk explaining his creation to Regina and Gail

While having access to escape routes, Kirk chose to stay behind at the facility as casualties skyrocketed, determined to analyze the effects of the accident and draw conclusions from it before evacuating with the data and prototype Initializer and Stabilizer units. While headed to his personal lab on floor B1, he encountered Gail, a S.O.R.T agent tasked with capturing him. Evading Gail, he gathered the simulation data from the lab and escaped, only to be found trying to leave the area. Kirk realized he was to be taken back to his previous country, but without the chance to collect any of his research data.

After the S.O.R.T team, with the exception of Gail, met at the Heliport, the rescue helicopter was destroyed by a tyrannosaurus and Kirk used the chaos to make his escape back into the facility. While the remnants of S.O.R.T escaped to Outdoors B1, Kirk used the time to descend to Facility B3 and destroy the main generator's power source, buying him time to collect the research data from Facility B2.

Eventually he was trapped in his personal quarters on floor B2 with another agent, Regina blocking the exit. Kirk lured Regina into a trap by shooting an unconsicious researcher and prepared to kill her, but a timely entrance by Gail prevented him from doing so. He was then forced to explain the effects of Third Energy and how to destroy a vortex blocking the entrance to the underground port that S.O.R.T planned to use in


S.O.R.T victorious

their escape. Gail held him captive in the area until Regina could overload the generator, but in doing so the ceiling began to collapse. Kirk's life was saved by Gail, who was grievously injured by a falling pipe. Making his escape yet again, Kirk left for the room where the Initializer and Stabilizer were stored, planning to retrieve the devices and leave via the underground heliport.

Kirk's fate depended on the choices of Regina, the agent he tried to kill previously. If she chose to pursue him herself, Kirk was recaptured in the underground heliport and taken from the island with S.O.R.T. If she and Gail both go after Kirk, they confronted him in the special weapons storage on floor B3. Gail succumbed to his wounds, and Regina left with fellow agent Rick and a captive Kirk via the port. (however, Gail can be saved in this ending if Regina goes to the heliport first) Alternatively, Regina may have decided to leave Kirk behind and prioritize her team's escape. In that case, Kirk is likely to have escaped via the underground heliport. Kirk, if recaptured, immediately began negotiating future experiments with the military high command.

Personality and traits[]

"Spoken like a true devil."
— Regina to Dr. Kirk on his lack of compassion

Dr. Kirk was widely renowned for his expertise and skill as a scientist. Possessing considerable intelligence, Kirk was the mind behind the Third Energy Theory, including the experimental generator and the development of the Initializer and Stabilizer technology.

However, Kirk, though a genius, was aloof and misanthropic: he was totally focused on his research without concern as to how it might affect society. Human lives held little value to him if their sacrifice would advance scientific progress. He was irrational, highly emotional, and morally apathetic. He would stop at nothing to complete his research, including continuing to activate his experimental generator despite the risk of overload, and overworking his staff to the point that they mused over poisoning him.


Kirk showed little interest in other people, preferring to concentrate on his own research. His research team disliked and distrusted him, with some plotting to forge his ID card and enter his private lab; it appeared the feeling was mutual when he killed a dying researcher to lure Regina into a trap. In his written communications with government officials, he was blunt and straightforward.

To S.O.R.T, he was initially condescending but appeared cooperative: this changed quickly when he was disrespected by Gail and told his results would be abandoned. From then on, Kirk did everything in his power to thwart their mission and planned his own escape. He expressed some very slight admiration of Regina's intelligence, but disliked Gail and had little contact with Rick. During Tom's time at the facility, he gained Kirk's trust and a greater level of friendship with the man than the other researchers, but Tom died before he could reveal his true allegiance.

Behind the scenes[]

Edward Kirk first appeared in the original Dino Crisis as one of the main characters. Kirk initially seemed to be a man in need of rescue but proved uncooperative when the team refused to allow him to finish analyzing his research data. After that, he became the game's main human antagonist, deliberately avoiding S.O.R.T and eventually attempting to kill Regina when trapped.

Despite his importance in the first game's plot as a major character and his role in the story as the leader in Third Energy research, Kirk does not have a role in the second game, only receiving a small mention.

Dino Crisis Manhua[]


Further notes[]

  • His registration number is either 31415 or 78814, depending on the version of the game.
  • Promotional artwork in Prologue to Escape refers to him as "Will Kark".
  • At one point during production of Dino Crisis 2, Paula Morton was intended to be his daughter.[10]


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