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The Elevator Power Room is an area of the facility outdoors that is featured in Dino Crisis. It was a power generation room located in the outdoor area of the Ibis Island Third Energy research facility.


The unique generator in this room supplied the power needed to operate the large size elevator. It was ventilated by an outdoor fan, and operated by connecting three sets of coloured pipes.


During a S.O.R.T mission to find Edward Kirk, the facility's supervisor and head researcher, one of S.O.R.T's agents, Regina, used the equipment in this room to activate the elevator and descend to the underground area. While there, she found a keycard needed to operate a crane in the B1 area.


The player can climb down the ladder and go left to find the B1 Crane Card. To the right of the ladder there is a shelf. The player can push it to find a random medical supply or ammo. There are six panels with green, red and blue buttons, that will descends the power supply pipes. Each pipe is cut into two parts which is needed to be linked together.

To restore the elevator power, all the pipes must be connected to the main motor:

  • Top right panel, press the red button.
  • Bottom left panel, press the red button.
  • Middle left panel, press the green button.
  • Middle right panel, press the green button.
  • Bottom right panel, press the blue button.
  • Top left panel, press the blue button.

After all the pipes is connected, the main motor will operate.


Location Localization Original Script

"Cautions when operating the power supply pipe"

By activating the main motor, you can supply power to the big elevator. In case you accidentally lower the wrong pipe while trying to supply the power, you can return the pipe to the original position by pressing the button on the same computer terminal. 



また 動力供給作業の際に間違ったパイプを下ろしてしまった場合そのパイプを下ろした端末のボタンを押せば 戻すことができる

Each panel for the pipes

Which button will you press? Green Red Blue Cancel

どのボタンを押しますか? 緑 赤 青 やめる

Each panel for the pipes (Once the main motor is on) I don't need to operate it anymore. もう操作する必要はないだろう