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Ending movie[note 1] is a cutscene in Dino Crisis 2.


Dylan Morton: It's okay.

Regina: Are you alright?

Dylan: Yeah, we don't have much time left. Let's use this gate and get outta here.

Dylan: Whoah!!
No! No!

Paula Morton: Papa...

Dylan: Paula...

Regina: Dylan, what are we gonna do? If we don't go now, we'll never get back...

Dylan: Regina, the gate is open. I know you don't want to, but you have to go back by yourself. I won't leave Paula.

Regina: Are you crazy?!

Dylan: Just go, please! You have the 3rd Energy data, right?
When you get back to our original time, use the data to learn about 3rd Energy, then built the perfect gate and come pick us up for the last time.

Regina: I... Dylan... I will, I promise...

Alarm: Final warning, 10 seconds to detonation.

Regina: Remember, you STILL owe me one.

Dylan: Well then, you better get back quick.

Paula: Papa!

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  1. All cutscene names for this game on the Wiki are tentative only.