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The Experiment Simulation Room is an area of the facility B1 that is featured in Dino Crisis. It requires two key cards opted simultaneously to open from the outside, belonging exclusively to Dr. Kirk and the Military Chief.[1]


Regina enters this room in the hope of finding Dr. Kirk but instead finds a simulation of a Third Energy Vortex running. She then must return to the room if the player chooses Rick's option to escape from the facility basement, in order to unlock a hatch in the corner of the room that goes to the Emergency escape tunnel.


It is the DDK-locked room in the 1st floor basement of the facility. It is a room used to display simulations on experiments involving Third Energy.


In this room the player can find An. Dart L on the ground and the shotgun upgrade part by pushing the shelf. There is a journal that is placed on the simulator device.

If player decided to choose Rick's Strategy inside the computer after the security lock-down, they can escape though the hatch near Dr. Kirk terminal. By operating Dr. Kirk terminal, six code cards will be displayed on the screen. The idea is to type in the input code that was shown by the cards. Each code that the player type will release each of the three locks. When all codes are typed in, the lock will be released, allowing the player to escape through the hatch.


Location Localization Original Script
Rows of super computers Super computer for exclusive use in this experiment room. Precise simulations are required for all experiments conducted here. この実験室専用のスーパーコンピュータだ 正確無比なシミュレートが要求される研究が行われているのだろう
The panels These panels display/record the working conditions of the simulators. シミュレーターの作動状況が表示・記録されるパネル類だ
The large computer A computer used to analyze the research data. The locus of the energy efficiency is shown by the three dimensional graph. 研究データの分析を行うためのコンピュータだ エネルギー効率の軌跡が3Dグラフの形で表示されている
Journal It looks like a doctor's journal. Will you read the file? Yes / No  博士の手記らしいファイルだ ファイルを読みますか? Yes / No
Dr. Kirk personal terminal Dr. Kirk's personal terminal. It is used to analyze data, and can be used to release the emergency evacuation hatch. 博士の個人用端末だ データの分析などを行うほか 非常用脱出ハッチのロック解除にも使用する
Evacuation hatch An evacuation hatch for emergencies. It's securely sealed by several electronic locks. 非常時のための脱出用ハッチだ 幾重もの電子ロックで厳重に封印されている
Panel by the simulator Possibly the power supply for the simulators. シミュレータの電源装置だろうか
The simulator

It's some kind of simulator. There are three switches on the panel.

α : Ignite the Third Energy circuit.

β : Set the Initializer.

γ : Set the Stabilizer.

Which switch will you press? 

α  β  γ  Cancel

何かのシミュレーターのようだ 3つのスイッチにパネルがついている




どのスイッチを押しますか? α β γ やめる

Running the simulator without setting the Initializer The Initializer ignition plug has not been set. 《点火プラグであるイニシャライザーがセットされていません》
Running the simulator without setting the Stabilizer Under the current circumstances, the Third Energy reaction will exceed the overflow limit. The system cannot be started. 《このままではサードエナジー反応が臨界点をオーバーします》《作動できません》
Checking the simulator after successfully testing it Because there's not enough energy for the simulator, the system cannot be started. シミュレーション用のエネルギーが足りないため 作動させることができない
Dr. Kirk personal terminal (Choosing Rick's strategy at the Computer Room) You can release the emergency hatch with this computer terminal. Will you operate the terminal? Yes / No この端末を使って脱出ハッチのロックを解除できる 端末を操作しますか? Yes / No




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