Dino Crisis Wiki

Facility 1F was the ground floor of the Ibis Island complex. It was part of the surface facade which consisted mostly of offices on levels 1F, 2F and the Facility Outdoors.


Facility 1F's purpose was largely focused on administrative and support. Two separate offices were on this floor, as well as a lecture hall for educating new employees, a war room for the military administrative staff to plan out various operations including counter-espionage, and the control room where security staff could monitor CCTV feeds. As this floor served as the entrance to the complex, it was heavily secured by a combination of DDK electronic locks and laser shutters, which served to prevent intruders accessing Facility B1. Access beyond level B1 was limited to either the Elevator Hall, which required an ID Card, or by using the service elevators in the Facility Outdoors. Other rooms on this floor included a restroom and a locker room.

Levels 1F and 2F were on a separate power grid to the underground facilities, supported by the backup generator near the cliffs.