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Facility B1 was the first of the underground levels of the Ibis Island research facility. Primary access to this floor was through the facility's elevator system, with a secondary stair entrance found in floor 1F's control room hall. The facility's Large Size Elevator, generally used for chemical shipments, allowed access to the floor from the Facility Outdoors area.

Floor B1 was separated into two functional areas: storage and laboratory. The storage section was used for the transport and management of the raw chemical materials used in the laboratory area. Crates of materials were transported on the Large Size Elevator and stored in the carrying out room, which was equipped with a crane.

The facility's only medical rooms, managed by Dr. Sherwood were found from a hallway directly down the stairs from the control room hall. This hall then lead to the DDK and shutter protected entrance to the B1 laboratory area.

Chemical research, including a gas experimentation program complete with gas chamber, was one of the main forms of research undertaken on this floor. A computer simulation program examining Third Energy was managed from a computer room, complete with dedicated supercomputers, at the back of the area. Concealed inside the computer room, and protected heavily by a two-person keycard system and a DDK lock, was the personal laboratory of the facility's head researcher and supervisor, Edward Kirk. This laboratory, an open secret among some of the research staff - despite Kirk's efforts to conceal it - contained Kirk's personal computer, as well as research equipment designed to simulate the effects of Third Energy generation. Kirk's personal escape hatch leading to the Large Side Elevator was also concealed in this laboratory.