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Facility B2 was one of the underground floors of the Ibis Island Third Energy research facility. The central function of the facility, the generation of Third Energy, was based on this floor, with component research departments, researcher quarters, and the experimental generator and its controls kept on this floor. Security was extremely heavy, making B2 one of the most difficult areas to access in the entire facility.


The main purpose of floor B2 was to hold the experimental Third Energy generator and the systems and staff needed to operate it. Along with the main controls and power systems needed to activate, monitor, and control the generator and the energy it would produce, B2 held the main research and development areas used to design the Initializer and Stabilizer devices, and the equipment to safely store and assemble them.

Entering the area was extremely difficult. The main entrance was heavily guarded, with security doors, alarms, weapons detection systems, laser shutters, and a DDK door blocking access to the floor. This was in addition to the considerable difficulty in reaching that point, only accessible to those on Facility B3. The facility's elevator could stop on the floor, but only the highest level authorization would permit this. A hidden staircase concealed in the researcher's quarters exited in the transport area of facility B3, but the security of this area matched that of the other options.

The research and development areas for the generator's components lay directly beyond the main entrance, with parts storage and a heavily protected entrance to the Third Energy area down another path. Inside this area was the personal lab of Edward Kirk, the facility's lead researcher and supervisor.