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Facility Outdoors

Facility Outdoors comprises most of the external areas of the Ibis Island research facility, including several structures separate from the main research building and the large size elevator. One of the main entrances to the facility from outside the island, the Heliport, is contained in this area. Two passages lead from here to the main building: one from the heliport, the other from the large size elevator.

The primary purpose of the area appears to be the transport of people and research materials via the heliport and the elevator. Adjacent to the heliport and the large size elevator is a hangar used to store materials before transportation.

A sizable portion of the area is dedicated to the large size elevator. A control room complete with monitoring stations is used to control the elevator and several emplacements outside the facility. A dedicated generator for the elevator is kept behind the control room, complete with over-sized ventilation fan.