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"Launches wide range blazes. Effective on certain kinds of plants. Fire while you walk."
— Inventory description.

The Flame Launcher is the only main weapon in Dino Crisis 2 that can be used by both Regina and Dylan Morton.[1] It is needed against poisonous plants to pass through certain areas of the Jungle partway through the game. The Flame Launcher can also be used against other dinosaurs but it may not be an efficient weapon, especially against fast dinosaurs.

Using this weapon against an Allosaurus for extended period of time is not advised, as the Allosaurus will enter a "berserk mode".

Performance: Attack-30, Speed-70, Range-70.

Further Notes[]

  • The Flame Launcher is one of three weapons that must be purchased in order to progress through the game, the other two being the Aquagrenade and Chainmine. The Firewall can be used as a substitute, but isn't as effective due to its range.
  • The Flame Launcher is used by Gail in the Dino Colosseum minigame.



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