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Formation-change is a file in Dino Crisis 3.


This file is retrieved from examining the Formation Change terminal in Front Deck/Starboard.


The Ozymandias is capable of rearranging its structure to better adapt to environmental conditions while maintaining optimum energy efficiency.

Each formation-change is managed by a structure-specific terminal.

For further information regarding the functions and advantages of each formation-change, please refer to the "Ozymandias Crew Manual".

The following is a brief description of the Deck Sector formation-change:

<Engage Deck Sector>
Engaging the Deck Sector allows access between the starboard and portside sections of the deck. Engaging focuses energy resources to the Hangar Deck allowing ready access to heavy-duty equipment. In addition, the increased floor-space accommodates the take-off and landing of cargo shuttles.

<Disengage Deck Sector>
Disengaging the Deck Sector increases energy efficiency by compartmentalizing shipboard operations and limiting energy output from the Power Station to key areas of the sector.

Prior to sector engagement/disengagement appropriate precautions should be taken to ensure crew safety. Formation-changes may not be initiated without authorization from the Captain, and all related notices and schedules must be filed with MTHR.

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