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The timeline for the Future Earth events is sketchy, though evidence points to a significant amount of time between the 2010 Third Energy Criticality Incident; its rescue team's time travel mission and the Noah's Ark Plan.


  • The military camp was operational as late as the tenth anniversary of their arrival in this time.
  • The doctor who wrote this was killed sometime after during a Velociraptor attack; corpses of the camp personnel were decomposed by the time the rescue team arrived.
  • No dinosaurs were encountered in the first three years after the arrival of the 2010 runaway people, though it is unknown how long the dinosaurs were kept in captivity before escaping. The Noah's Ark Plan personnel could have arrived before or after.
  • The children grow up into teenagers (17-18) just before the Military camp is attacked.
  • Two years prior to Edward City's destruction, the nearby volcano began to 'act up', leading to Inostrancevia migration.
  • The Third Energy core is supposed to receive annual maintenance checks; the team was killed 9 and a half years after the event.
  • The Laboratory personnel abandoned the facility after an unknown amount of time lacking support due to the destruction of the military camp. They move to Edward City. Colonel Maison asks that the data regarding the teenagers' autopsy records be sent to him at the Third Energy Facility.
  • The autopsy data arrived at the Third Energy Facility mere days before the T.R.A.T.'s arrival, based on examinations of the soldier sent to deliver the information.
  • Three years before T.R.A.T.'s arrival, rumors of a dinosaur much larger than T-Rex begin to spread among the soldiers.