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Captain Gail was a team leader in a covert government agency.


Gail's team received orders to capture Dr. Kirk, a former government-funded scientist who faked his death in an accident three years earlier to work for another country. Hearing about his work, "Third Energy", Gail planned to have his team capture Kirk, and leave the finished prototype for a handsomely-paying guerrilla force to acquire.

The plan went wrong when they arrived on the island; the Third Energy reactor caused an unforeseen side effect: temporal and spacial displacement. The facility had been overrun by dinosaurs, and everyone but Kirk was dead. The doctor himself possessed the means to displace himself at will, evading capture. After a Tyrannosaurus attacked outside, Gail was forced to call in the guerrillas early and take his teammates Regina and Rick captive.

Gail followed the guerrillas back into the facility, where the Tyrannosaurus followed through a hatch. They succeeded in confusing it with gas, allowing Gail to escape through the fog. Intent on betraying the guerrillas and keeping the data and money, Gail ran to the control room to acquire the disk. Reaching the room, Gail caught an escaped Rick acquiring the disk. Engaging in a knife fight down an elevator, the caught the attention of the Tyrannosaurus, and it attacked them immediately when the door opened.

Dino Crisis Issue 6 - page 16

Gail's dying moment.

After the dinosaur was knocked out by an electric shock, Gail escaped back outside with the disk. Bumping into Regina and Dr. Kirk, he dropped it and was impaled through the hand by the guerrilla leader. The guerrilla leader climbed aboard a helicopter and flew off without Gail, only for it to explode, taking the data with it. A pack of Velociraptors then surrounded Dr. Kirk; Regina; Gail and the newly returned Rick. As the Third Energy reactor began to reach critical levels, the island started fracturing, and the dinosaurs were swept away.

Cut off from the other two, Gail forced Dr. Kirk to come with him to the hovercraft bay so they could escape from the island. After he was attacked by an aquatic animal, Dr. Kirk ran to an elevator to leave him. Gail reached the elevator in time, where he began strangling Dr. Kirk. Gail then realised thanks to a loose electrical cable he was in the same elevator as before, and the Tyrannosaurus must be close. As the creature discovered them, Dr. Kirk and Gail ran down the corridors to escape it. While Dr. Kirk was saved by Regina's hookshot, Gail had to keep on running. Losing the Tyrannosaurus, Gail was forced to the floor by a falling fence and attacked by a Velociraptor pack. Dr. Kirk found his body soon after, with Gail's dying moments being grabbing the doctor's legs.


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