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Gas Experiment Room is an area of the facility B1 that is featured in Dino Crisis.


There are two separate rooms; the chamber in front is used to experiment the red, green and blue gases, while the other is where the control for the gases is placed. During experiment, the entry to the gas chamber will automatically locked.


Two key items are recovered in this room: B1 Key Chip and Small Size Key. Both are on the east side of the room inside the gas chamber. This chamber is inaccessible early in the game due to poison gas flooding the room. The gas must first be pumped out. After the keys are recovered, a Velociraptor will enter the chamber, triggering a Danger moment. Rather than shooting it, the player can exit the chamber, then pump gas back in to kill it.

  • Green - The poison level will drop in between 30 and 50.
  • Blue - The poison level will drop further in between 30 and 50.
  • Red - The poison level will increase in between 50 and 85.
  • Red - The poison level will drop to 50.
  • Green - The poison level will drop in between 00 and 30.
  • Blue - The poison level will drop to 00.

There is an even faster way to mix the gas however.

  • Red - The poison level will increase to ~60
  • Green - The poison level will stay around the same
  • Red - The poison level will drop to 30
  • Blue - Neutralized


Location Localization Original Script
Warning by the entrance "When you use the gas chamber, be sure to set the electronic lock." 《ガス室を使用する際は必ず電子ロックをセットすること》
Notice on the wall

"Notes for Gas Mixing Experiment"

The lethal poison level of the gas for humans is 85 or greater.

The closer the color of gas becomes to the color of the three basic colors red, blue, green, the more poisonous the gas becomes. If the color becomes transparent through mixing, the toxins have been neutralized.





Three gas bottles Gas bottles for experiments. Three different types of gas can be mixed. 実験用のガスボンベだ 3種類のガスを混合させる仕組みだろう
Entry to the gas chamber The chamber is filled with poisonous gas and the door has been automatically locked. 室内は毒性のあるガスが充満している そのためドアは自動ロックされている
Panels by the door to the gas chamber Power distribution panel for the experiment devices. A gas detector is also equipped. 実験機器への配電パネルだ ガスの検知機能もあるようだ
Machine beside the gas control panel Machines that monitor the gas chamber. You can collect data such as the gas poison level and the gas's effect on the human body. ガス室内をモニターする機械類だ ガスの毒性・被験体への影響などのデータを採ることができる
Control panel for the gas

There are three buttons. They are used to supply the gas to the gas chamber. Which button will you press?

Red  Green  Blue  Cancel

ボタンが3つある ガス室にガスを供給するためのものだ

どのボタンを押しますか? 赤 緑 青 やめる