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The Generator Room 1F (also known as Backup Generator Room 1F) is an area of the Facility 1F that is featured in Dino Crisis.



The Batteries used to power the Backup Generator

The room contains the backup power generator for the 1F and 2F floors. The generator is intended for situations in which the main power generator on the B3 floor is not working. It is powered by four batteries. There is also a battery charger in this room. The room is accessed from the Passageway to the Backup Generator.


In order to get the power generator started up again, player must solve a puzzle involving the four levers, each with different colours. The idea is to rearrange the four conductors as the same as the levers; from left to right: Red, Blue, Green and White.

Player can leave the room once the machine is turn back on again.


Location Localization Original Script
A panel near the door A panel that controls the power of this room. この部屋の動力を制御するパネルだ
Notice on the wall

It appears to be a notice.

"Avoid using the batteries from the other floor, and vice versa." 



Power distribution device A power distribution device that distributes electricity to the various areas of the facility. 施設の動力を分配する配電装置だ
Battery charger A battery charger. If I set the battery here, I can charge it. バッテリーの充電装置だ バッテリーをセットすれば充電できる
Emergency notice

"Emergency Backup Power Device Reminder:"

"Use the device to automatically set the batteries."

"Always remember to keep the batteries charged."




Checking the four conductors 

There are three buttons. Which buttons will you press? 

Left / Center / Right / Cancel

ボタンが3つある どのボタンを押しますか?

左 / 中 / 右 / やめる

Checking the four levers There is a switch. Will you press it? Yes / No スイッチがある 押しますか? Yes / No
Checking the four conductors or levers (After the power is back on) There is no need to operate this anymore. もう操作する必要はないだろう