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The Backup Generator Room B1 is an area of the Facility B1 that is featured in Dino Crisis. It is access through a hatch from the Generator Yard.


It is a large room, composed of safety notices on the wall, a battery charger and battery box with three batteries stored inside. There is also a power distribution device, used to distribute the power to rest of the facility areas. The generator is placed on the middle of the room.


There is a plug inside the shelf near the switch. The shelf needs to be dragged for the plug appear on the ground. 

Player will need to take the Startup Battery R from the charger and insert it into the battery box on the wall to turn the generator on. After player have turned the generator back on, a cutscene will be played. Player must return to the Control Room 1F afterwards.


Location Localization Original Script
Notice on the wall

It appears to be a notice.

"Avoid using the batteries from the 1F Backup Generator Room here, and vice versa."


《1F予備電源室のバッテリーとの使い回しは なるべくしないこと》

Power distribution device A power distribution device to distribute the power to the various places inside the facility. 施設の動力を分配する配電装置だ
Battery charger on the wall (With the Battery inside) A battery is set in the battery charger. Will you remove the battery? Yes / No 充電装置にバッテリーがセットされている バッテリーを取りますか? Yes / No
Battery charger on the wall (Without the Battery inside) A battery charger. You can charge a battery if you set it here. バッテリーの充電装置だ バッテリーをセットすれば充電できる
Notice on the wall (Near the battery charger) "Things to remember when operating the Emergency Backup Generator Device." Set the batteries in order from the lowest voltage. Always keep the battery charged.


《・セットは電圧の低い順に行う ・バッテリーは常に充電しておく》

Power switch

There's a switch. Will you press it? Yes / No

(No power) Nothing happened.

スイッチがある 押しますか? Yes / No


Battery box

There are three buttons. Which button will you press?

Left Center Right Cancel

ボタンが3つある どのボタンを押しますか?

左 中 右 やめる

The door The door is locked from the other side. ドアの向こうからカギがかかっている