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"Made by Glock of Austria. Uses the 9mm Parabellum Bullets."
— Inventory description.

"Critical hit probability is increased."
— Upgraded inventory description.

The Glock 34 is a weapon that can be used by Regina in Dino Crisis.

Designed as a competition variant of the Glock 17, the Glock 34 has a longer 21mm (0.8 inch) barrel and slide in order to meet the maximum size requirements for action pistol sporting events. The gun was designed and produced in 1998 and featured an extended magazine release and slide stop lever, and an adjustable rear sight with the front sight designed so it was slanted and not squared compared to the Glock 17 and the slightly longer Glock 17L.

The Glock 34 also has its internal components milled out, showing a conspicuous hole on the top of the slide in order to reduce the front-end muzzle weight to allow a better handling of the weapon.

Dino Crisis[]

Regina begins the game with this weapon by default, regardless of what difficulty the player has chosen. The weapon does low damage against most enemies, only really proving itself to be useful when fighting the Compsognathus as one hit with the weapon typically kills them. Shooting a Velociraptor with the Glock 34 will occasionally result in the Raptor flinching in pain, which can sometimes interrupt its attacks. However, this doesn't always work and the Raptor can shrug it off and attack. A good tactic is to use the Glock 34 from behind an electric shutter, as the Raptor will foolishly attempt repeatedly to run through it, allowing the player to continuously shoot it without worrying about getting attacked.

It is possible to score a critical hit on a Raptor, which will knock the dinosaur to the ground and allow the player time to move past it or come up with a different way of dealing with it. Equipping the Handgun Sights will increase Regina's chances of scoring a critical hit on a Raptor.

The Glock 34 is not recommended against larger dinosaurs like the Therizinosaurus and the Pteranodon as they do not flinch as frequently as Raptors when shot. It is advised to run past them or use the same tactic with the electric shutter, because the Therizinosaurus will not be able to reach Regina.

Equipping the Handgun Slides will change it to the Glock 35, enabling the use of more powerful 40S&W Bullets.

Further Notes[]

  • When Regina is equipped with the Glock 34 (or the Glock 35 loaded with 9mm Parabellum) she will hold the weapon with one hand when aiming. But when aiming the Glock 35 loaded with 40S&W Bullets, she will instead hold it with two hands.
  • The game over screen shows Regina's hand holding the Glock 34 with the slide locked back and empty casings scattered around, signifying it is empty.