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"The Glock special model. Uses the 9mm Parabellum and the 40S&W Bullets."
— Inventory description.

"Critical destruction rate increases. Uses the 9mm Parabellum & the 40S&W Bullets."
— Upgraded inventory description.

The Glock 35 is a modified weapon that can be used by Regina in Dino Crisis.

Dino Crisis[]

Equipping the Handgun Slides with the Glock 34 creates the Glock 35, the .40 caliber version of the latter. As a result, it can use either 9mm Parabellum or more powerful 40S&W Bullets.

As with the Glock 34, equipping the Handgun Sights will increase Regina's chances of scoring a critical hit on a Velociraptor.

Further Notes[]

  • The Glock 35 is a competition-oriented version of the Glock 22 with a slightly longer barrel and slide.
  • Unlike in the game, 9mm and .40 S&W cannot be chambered interchangeably.