Dino Crisis Wiki

"Exploding bullets for use with the Grenade Gun."
— Inventory description.

Grenade bullets are the primary ammunition type for the Grenade Gun found in Dino Crisis.


The bullets explode upon contact. They deal a high amount of damage and therefore should only be used on strong opponents, like Therizinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus. However, they should be used sparingly as their supply is quite low.


The Grenade Bullets can be found:

  • 6 bullets available at game start on Easy Mode
  • 6 total grenades can be found inside of the Hangar, 3 right next to the Grenade Gun, and 3 next to the door leading outside.
  • 3 grenades can be found in the C.O area on floor B3.
  • 3 grenades can be found in the storage area in the "General Weapons Storage" room.
  • Red storage boxes (more common on the lower floors)
  • 6 grenades can be found in the weapon boxes given to the player at the game's three endings.