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"Grenade Bullets and Heat Bullets are usable. By Heckler and Koch of Germany."
— Inventory description.

"Allow continuous fire with customized ammo feed cylinder."
— Upgraded inventory description.

The Grenade Gun is a weapon that can be used in Dino Crisis.


The '40mm HK Grenade Pistol', known by the real world name HK69A1, is the strongest weapon in the game. Both Grenade Bullets and Heat Bullets are usable for this weapon. The Grenade Gun can be upgraded to the Custom Grenade Gun, which can fire 3 rounds before needing to be reloaded.

The Grenade Gun was made by Heckler & Koch of Germany.


The Grenade Gun can be found in the inventory at game start if player is playing on Easy Mode. On other difficulties, it can be found inside the Hangar.

Prehistoric versions[]

Like all the other weapons, when playing with Regina's prehistoric costume, the Grenade Gun will have a different appearance, seemingly resembling a coelacanth.

Lanzagranadas Prehistorico

Prehistoric version

Lanza per pre

Prehistoric custom version

Infinite Grenades[]

If the player has beaten the game multiple times and seen all the 3 endings, Inf. Grenades will be available on Regina's inventory at the start of the next created game, as well as this weapon without the need to find it. The new grenade is the same as the regular grenade bullets, only with a new function that it never ends, no matter how many times it is shot. This also excludes the need of storing ammo from this game on, as it can be used to kill all enemies on the way. But due to its low-speed shoot, it will still be ineffective against high-mobile opponents like Compsognathus and Pteranodon, requiring to save little ammo of Handgun and Shotgun, respectively.