Dino Crisis Wiki

""You can shoot explosive bullets that cover wide range.""
— Sub Screen description.

""Continuous explosions proceed towards the target.""
— Sub Screen description for Flame Grenade variant.

The Grenade Launcher is a special weapon in Dino Stalker. It fires explosive grenade rounds that have area-of-effect explosive damage with wide range. Its stronger cousin, the Flame Grenade, can now cause a cluster-effect of four explosions in a straight line.


Fire Mode: Single Shot/Semi-Auto

Rate of Fire: Low-Medium

Damage: Maximum (The Flame variant causes cluster explosions up to 4 times in a straight line)


The Grenade Launcher fires explosive grenade rounds that cover a wide area of impact. It is the low-tier explosive, along with its cousin, the Flame Grenade, which has cluster explosions to devastate groups of enemies. Its damage remains high but deals only about moderate damage and knockback on bosses such as the Carnotaurus, Trinity, or T-Rex unless aimed directly at their head or face.



  • The grenade launcher's design is similar to the HK-P Grenade Launcher from Resident Evil 3. It is possible it was designed by the same artist on who worked on the weapon models of the game.
  • The Flame variant causes cluster explosions of four times in a straight line, so unless the grenade can burst into a small pool of flames, the correct name is none other than "Cluster Grenade", akin to a cluster bomb droplet.