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The Habitat Support Facility was a large complex situated within the Future World, deep within the jungle to the west of the lake.


Work on the Habitat Support Facility began immediately following the arrival of the Noah's Ark Project team, a group of time-travellers from 2055 who were sent to advert a temporal anomaly destroying humanity. Along with the facility itself, a jungle was grown around it for the temporally-displaced dinosaurs they were bringing with them. An accident occurred at the end of the project, when dinosaurs breached into protected areas at the same time the Third Energy gateway shutdown. The project members were almost totally wiped out in the attack except for Col. Dylan Morton and perhaps several others, and though the children were badly mauled - his daughter Paula amongst them - they were kept alive in life-support chambers until they could be stabilised. Released individually, the children were sent out into the jungle with two Android companions, though had little understanding of the world.

With Morton's own passing, the facility was largely abandoned, and its location deeper in the jungle left it undetected by a US Army garrison from 2010 which had also been temporarily-displaced. Some years later, the facility was discovered by TRAT operator Lt. Dylan Morton - a younger version of the facility's head - who was sent through time to rescue the stranded 2010 survivors. Lt. Morton's arrival with Paula complicated matters for the facility - not only had Paula's Androids turned rogue but they were being stalked by the project's Giganotosaurus, which had grown up as the planet's apex predator. The Android succeeded in activating the facility's self-destruct system, coinciding with the Giganotosaurus breaking into the facility. Lt. Morton was able to activate an orbital weapons platform to kill the dinosaur, destroying much of the facility in the process.


Externally, the facility was encased in a steel alloy frame and its exits were defended with high-energy lasers.