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Hall B1 is an area of the facility B1 that is featured in Dino Crisis.


This serves as the hub area for the B1 level. Initially, you cannot enter the elevator hall, or reach the door leading into the lab area, due to the security shutter being closed by Dr. Kirk.

At first, it serves as a simple connector between the Medical Room Hallway and the Hallway for Carrying in Materials.

After you have obtained the ID Card and rewritten it, you can take the elevator down into this area. Once you are done inside the laboratories, the shutter will be opened by Gail, and this area will serve as the main hub for the entire B1 level.


If player had chose Gail's idea instead of Rick's idea inside the Control Room 1F, They must go to this area. Upon entry for the first time, Regina and Gail unexpectedly encounter Dr. Kirk who immediately ran away as he saw them. As the shutter was closing down, Gail were able to pass through and continue his chase.

Player can use the elevator from the elevator hall using the ID Card to enter this hall. While descending using the elevator, a "Danger" moment will occur. A Velociraptor will attempt to breach inside the elevator. As the elevator reaches the hall, the raptor will attempt to overwhelm Regina in which the player must press the necessary button prompts to break free. The player can kill the raptor afterward.

From the hall, player can find a file title "Security Manual Vol. 1" on the table. There is a map for the B1 floor area that can be saved. To enter the main hallway B1, player must set the two "L" discs on the DDK device, before entering the password: L A B O R A T O R Y.


Location Localization Original Script
The elevator It's out of order. It does not look like it can be repaired. 故障中だ 直すのは無理だろう
Elevator during facility lock-down (Gail Route) It cannot be opened since a lock-down of the facility is already in progress. シャットダウンが開始しているため開くことが出来ない
File on the table A file titled "Security Manual Vol. 1" Will you read the file? Yes / No 《セキュリティ・マニュアル①》というタイトルのファイルだ ファイルを読みますか? Yes / No
The map panel

The map of the B1 floor is shown on the panel. Will you save the map data? Yes / No

(Yes) The map data has been saved. You can view the map on the Map Screen.

B1フロアのマップがパネルに描かれている マップのデータを記録しますか? Yes / No

データを記録しました マップ画面で見ることができます

Door to the Main Hallway B1 (Locked) It has been locked with the Digital Disc Key (DDK). You must check the device next to the door, and set the DDK device. DDKによるロックがかかっている ドアの横にある装置を調べてDDKをセットしなければ
DDK device

A DDK device. The symbol "L" is inscribed. The DDK that contains the correct information is required to release this lock.

Will you set the DDK? Yes / No

(Yes) The DDK Lock has been unlocked.

DDKのデバイスだ 《L》のマークが記されている このロックを解除するには正しい情報を記録したDDKが必要だ

DDKをセットしますか? Yes / No


Checking the DDK device again The lock has already been released. ロックはすでに解除している
Switch for the shutter (Both sides)

Will you press the switch? Yes / No

Nothing happened.

スイッチを押しますか? Yes / No