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Hallway for Carrying in Materials is an area of the facility B1 that is featured in Dino Crisis.


It is a hallway used for transporting various materials into the carrying out area. A laser shutter protects the backup generator room entry. There is a wire netting that had been smashed by something on the midway passage toward the hall entry.


The player will pass through here quite a bit during a normal playthrough. Depending on what choice you made in the Control Room, you will pass through here more times if you sided with Gail.

  • You will need to pass through here the first time after meeting up with Gail in the previous room. This is necessary in order to take the shortcut through the Backup Generator room to reach the outdoor areas.
  • After activating the large elevator and you are on your way back, Regina will be attacked by a Velociraptor hiding behind a smashed up wire netting. If you are quick with your button presses (the face buttons and the D-pad), Regina will kick the Raptor into some electical wires, instantly killing it.

If you sided with Rick, you will usually enter the area from the opposite side, and a cutscene will play showing Rick and Tom being attacked by a Velociraptor inside of the Medical Room

  • As with Gail's route, when you are passing by the wire netting, you will also be attacked by a Raptor

After the lockdown occurs in the Computer Room, and if you side with Gail, you will need to pass through here one more time. There will be one Raptor lurking in this hallway, but you can easily get past it.

If you side with Rick however, you will bypass this area completely as you are using the emergency escape tunnel instead.

*The Raptor that is hiding behind the wire netting will only appear after you have used the Large Size Elevator


Location Localization Original Script
Notice panel A notice panel. "Chemicals and dangerous materials are being handled. Do not leave any materials that may interfere with transportation." 注意書きのパネルだ 《化学薬品・危険物などを扱うので運搬の支障となる物は置かないこと》
Wire netting A tough-looking wire netting. It's been smashed by something with incredible strength. 頑丈そうな金網だ 何かの衝撃でひしゃげている
Switch for the laser shutter Will you push the switch? Yes / No スイッチを押しますか? Yes / No
Switch for the laser shutter during facility lock-down (Gail Route) The shutter cannot be operated since a facility lock-down is in progress. シャットダウン中のためシャッターを操作することはできない
Door to the backup generator room B1 The door has been unlocked. カギを開けた


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