"Has a very small recoil action. You can fire the weapon even while you're running. "
— Inventory description

Regina starts Dino Crisis 2 with this weapon. Described as a "standard issue 9mm handgun", it can be fired while running and typically takes 2 to 3 shots to kill the weakest variety (yellow with black spots) of Velociraptor. It is an effective weapon to begin with, but it is recommended to upgrade to something better as soon as you can.

Stats Edit

Performance: Attack-20, Speed-80, Range-30.

Ammo Price: 5 Pts.

Capacity: +50=2,000 Pts; +100=3,000 Pts; +200=5,000 Pts.

Further NotesEdit

  • It seems to be an amalgamation of several real life pistols, including the IMI Desert Eagle, H&K MK23, and Browning Hi-Power Mark III.