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""A weak weapon that will never run out of ammo.""
— Sub Screen description.

The Handgun is a special weapon in Dino Stalker. It has unlimited reloads but remains inferiorly weak.


Fire Mode: Semi-Auto

Rate of Fire: Moderate-Fast (trigger mashed by rapidly tapping R1 in PS2/RB in XBOX)

Damage: Low

Features: Unlimited Ammo


The Handgun fires pistol bullets (almost in the same caliber as the player's dual-mode rifle, switching between Single Shot Mode Carbine, or Sniper Shot Mode Rifle), its damage remains weak and is preferred to be as a backup weapon whenever the player is surrounded by multiple hostile dinos.


  • The Handgun is based on a real-life Glock 17, but in Mike Wired's timeline during 1943 before being time warped, it is not yet in production until 1985. It is never explained in the game on how he had a standard issue 9mm pistol such as this, because soldiers at that time would be carrying Browning Hi-Power or Colt 1911 as their standard issue. It is safe to assume that it has been presumably warped along with the dual-mode rifle (special gun) and wrist computer (data glove) as a part of Mike's gear.