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The Hangar is an area of the facility outdoors that is featured in Dino Crisis.


Adjacent to the heliport and large size elevator, this hangar was used for the storage of materials needed for the facility's research programs. These materials were delivered to the facility via the heliport until they could be transported to carrying out rooms on the lower floors. Large doors marked R-6 and R-8 connected the hangar, elevator, and heliport. The hangar stored supplies until they could be transported down to the facility B1 or facility B3 floors where they were stored in other rooms until used.


Player can first climb the small ladder and walk through the end of the passage until they can find grenade bullets.

In order to reach the heliport entry at the far end, the player must push the large boxes:

  • Walk to the first two boxes, push the one on the right. Then, squeeze through the small space to proceed onward.
  • Player will find another three more boxes in front. Push the first one forward, then push the second one below.
  • Go forward to find the last boxes. Squeeze through the far right, and push the box forward. Then, push the box next to it upward.

Now that the path is cleared, the player can find more grenade bullets on the gound and on the table near the heliport door entry.


Location Localization Original Script
Heliport sign on the wall The heliport appears to be close by. ヘリポートはこの先のようだ
Air conditioner An air conditioner to keep the environment stable inside the hangar. 格納庫内の環境を一定に保つための空調機だ
The table  Files and miscellaneous items on the conditions of the material management. 資材管理状況をまとめたファイルや小物が並んでいる
Grenade bullet Will you take the Grenade Bullets? Yes / No
Iron container An iron container. It's too heavy to move. Maybe I could move it if it were a smaller wooden box... 鉄製のコンテナだ 重すぎて動かすことはできない もう少し小さな木箱ならば……
Forklift A forklift. You don't need to use it.  フォークリフトだ 動かす必要はないだろう
The metal shelf Stacks of cardboard boxes. Nothing useful. ダンボールが積まれている 役に立ちそうなものはない
The locker Maintenance tools used in the hangar. 格納庫の整備用の器具が収納されている


Further Notes[]

  • The examine (bold word) that has "hanger" are misspelled as "Hangar" is an localization error.