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This is a Difficulty setting which first Appears in Dino Crisis 2. In this difficultly, enemy HP as well as the buying price for weapons and health items doubles in value. This makes grinding for Vital credit harder to obtain and It is also possible to achieve a game over in three hits if reckless.


This difficulty actually presents a few substantial changes compared with normal mode:

  • The player straight up encounters Lv.4 Raptors upon starting the game at the northern route of jungle.
  • Because of the price inflation and the increased defence of raptors. It is impossible to purchase the Solid Cannon at the Water Tower upon first playthrough without grinding. This is because Dylan Only has enough bullets to kill 20 raptors which can only make getting a 6000 no damage possible in only one of the four rooms of the northern jungle route.
  • Enemies will more often spawn in areas with multiple pathways (e.g. passageway to military facility) making cheap hits very frequent.
  • Enemy sets have more dinosaurs to kill per room. And for rooms such as Jungle/South Route, enemies will respawn infinitely.
  • Attacking an Allosaurus while the combo meter is still visible will instantly make them go berserk.
  • Lv. 6 Raptors are pretty much invincible unless you have the Anti-Tank Rifle, Solid Cannon or Missile Pod.
  • Only applicable in the console version: Med kits and other health items won't be scattered around the map for the player to collect. The player has to purchase them.
  • Resuscitations cost 10,000 points rather than 3,000 points to purchase.
  • the player can only carry six health items rather than 12 in normal and 24 in easy.
  • The Combo meter has a much shorter visibility window. Making a combo of 20 in both Dylan's and Regina's first scenarios almost impossible to achieve.