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The Heliport is an area of the facility outdoors that is featured in Dino Crisis. It appears to be the primary way of transporting people off of the island.


It is a typical heliport that can be accessed through either the hangar, heliport passage or the underground passageway of the facility.


This Heliport is reached after Regina calls for help using the communication room. However, as her team was about to escape the facility using the helicopter they called in, the Tyrannosaurus that has been pursuing Regina in the facility smashed through one of the perimeter walls and destroyed the helicopter.


Since all the exits are locked, player will have no choice but to face the Tyrannosaurus around the heliport. A Recovery Aid can be found on the corner of the heliport. At some point in the confrontation, Rick will appear and signal the player to enter the elevator. A good strategy to avoid the Tyranossaurus until Rick signals is to run in circles through the burning helicopter. Wait the dinosaur get close then run in circle until you can't see him, then repeat. This will prevent him to attack you and turn behind.


Location Localization Original Script
Door to the hangar The door is locked from the inside. 内側からカギをかけられている
Door to the heliport passage It's locked. 厳重にロックされている
Trying to use the elevator before Rick fixes it The elevator leading to the underground. It has not been activated yet. 地下へ通じるエレベータだ まだ起動していない
Recovery Aid Will you take the Recovery Aid? Yes / No