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The Heliport Transport Passageway is an area on facility B3 of the Ibis Island Facility and part of the underground freight network.


The Passageway is a simple freight tunnel that links up the Underground Heliport to the rest of the B3 logistics areas, with an entryway to the Port via its own tunnel and a connection to the Large Elevator via the Transport Passageway.

There is little room to move about here as the tunnel stretch is equipped with a large frieght mover that is controlled from an internal cockpit, used for transporting goods and materials to the heliport.

The door adjacent to the Port Passageway's freight door is a secret escape route that is linked up to the Researcher Rest Room on Floor B2, likely equipped for usage by Edward Kirk and the facility's other high-ranking officials.



Location Localization Original Script.
Notice by the cargo door "Due to security precautions, you cannot open or shut the door while the cargo is moving." 《ムービングカーゴは 移動中 安全のために扉の開閉はできない》