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Hologram Room cutscene 1 (tentative) is a cutscene in Dino Crisis 3. All scenes for this game were storyboarded by Shinji Higuchi and directed by Makoto Kamiya.[1]


Patrick follows Caren into the Hologram Room, projecting a recreation of the Solar System. She tells him she ran off because MTHR warned her of how dangerous he is. Patrick demands to know how she was able to get in contact with MTHR, who has so far refused to acknowledge the SOAR team directly aside from causing accidents. To calm her down, he tells her how she reminds him of his younger sister, who died three months ago, and this is why he feels he should protect her. MYHR takes note of their bonding, and causes a power overload in the room. Sonya heads out to save them.


Patrick: "What's wrong Caren?"

Caren: "Stay away. MTHR said not to-to-to get too close to you... because you're... dangerous."

Patrick: "How is that possible? When and how did MTHR tell you that? Answer me! How did you contact MTHR? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. But you don't have to obey MTHR. MTHR is acting wrecklessly - totally out of control. To tell you the truth, Caren, when I first met you, you reminded me very much of my younger sister. See how you too look alike? Our parents died when we were still really young, so it was always just the two of us. She got sick and died three months ago. I was too busy with work at the time, and I didn't get to see her while she was alive. So when I look at you-"

Caren: "Patrick..."

Patrick: "I feel like I should protect you, like I should have protected my own sister."
"Come on. We gotta get outta here."

Caren: "Patrick."

Patrick: "Captain."

Jacob: "MTHR is supplying an excess of energy into the room. At this rate it's gonna blow. Just give us a little time in locating the energy regulator outside the ship. Hang in there."

Sonya: "I'm on it."

Patrick: 「どうしたんだ?」

Caren: 「こないで」

Patrick: 「どういうことだ マザーからだと?」
「答えろ どうやってコンタクトした」
「カレン 本当のことをいよう」
「その妹が三ヶ月前に病気で死んだんだ 俺は作戦中で看取ることも出来なかった」

Caren: 「パトリック」

Patrick: 「守りたいんだ」

Jacob: 「マザーがエネルギーを過剰に供給しているこのままだとその部屋は爆発するぞ」

Sonya: 「私がやるわ」