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Mike discovering he is in hyperspace

Hyperspace is an anomalous region of spacetime created by Third Energy. Whereas under normal circumstances, space in time is "exchanged" with space from another, Hyperspace is the result of space being dumped outside of spacetime.[1]


The only known example of Hyperspace was created by the malfunctioning Mother Computer attached to the Noah's Ark Project. When Lt. Dylan Morton of TRAT attempted to transport the project's dinosaurs back to the Cretaceous Period, the computer instead sent them to Hyperspace, and began randomly transporting space from other times into it, from the Parthenon in Greece to the USS Enterprise, to a small city apparently devoid of a human population. Projections in the real world suggested that Hyperspace represented an existential crisis to the Earth itself. Lt. Morton sent in his daughter, Paula, to reboot the computer within Hyperspace, and brought in Lt. Mike Wired to protect her. Rebooting Mother was a success, and actions were taken to correct the anomaly.


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