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"The card data may be overwritten when facility personnel changes occur."
— Inventory description.

The ID Card is a key item that can be found in Dino Crisis.[1]


This card can be used to gain access to certain area with a card reader.

Access type Unlocked this room
"Colonel" Strategy Room.
"Researcher" The elevator that descends to Hall B1.
"Communicator" The elevator to the Communication Room.


The card data can be rewritten by using the device inside the office on the facility first floor, though it also requires the personnel fingerprints.

The fingerprints can be collected in different locations using the F. C. Device:

As the player is about to rewrite the card data, the personnel registration number must be type on the device depending on which fingerprints they had collected:

  • Paul Baker - 58104 (46907 in the Japanese version)
  • Mark Doyle - 57036 (47812 in the Japanese version)

With the card rewritten, different description will shown on the Inventory Screen:

"Certifies the access type of "Researcher"."
— Using Paul Baker registration number.

"Certifies the access type of "Researcher"."
— Using Mark Doyle registration number.


It can be found on the desk, inside the medical room of the facility B1. The ID card description is:

"Certifies the access type of "Colonel"."

ID Card (2)

ID Card that was retrieved from Dr. Kirk.

There is another ID Card that allow access for the elevator inside the control room 1F. This card can be retrieved from Dr. Kirk at the carrying out room B1. The ID Card description was:

"It can activate the elevator that leads to the Communication Room."


"Certifies the access type of "Communicator"."




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