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Ibis Island from above

Ibis Island

Ibis island was a tropical island under the control of the Borginian Republic. The island was exclusively used for military research and only housed military and research facilities. The reason for this was to prevent intelligence leaks.[1][excerpt 1] There was a large Ibis bird population on the island, hence the name.[2] The island's jungle hid the facility and allowed it complete secrecy until rumors about the Borginian Republic developing secret weapons became well known.


Established in 1999, this island facility was built to create second-generation weaponry for the Borginian Republic.[3][excerpt 2] Around 2006, the island welcomed Dr. Edward Kirk, the pioneer behind Third Energy. Though Third Energy was itself a means of generating energy, the military made its usefulness as a weapon the core subject. In the first experiment there was a power overload which destroyed the testing facility completely, with the underground tunnel linking it to the main complex collapsing.[3][excerpt 3]

In 2009 a second experiment took place in the forest to test out the stabiliser. An accident took place which created a space-time anomaly within a radius of 500m of the generator, and a 0.7 km2 area of Cretaceous jungle replaced what once was there, complete with wildlife.[3][excerpt 4] The facility was soon after overrun by the dinosaurs expanding across the island, and the staff were forced to flee, taking heavy casualties. Later that night, a special forces team sent to abduct Dr. Kirk and steal his research found themselves alone, surrounded by hungry and territorial animals. Capturing Kirk early the following morning, the team escaped via helicopter, leaving the island devoid of human life.


As seen in the map above, the island was particularly small, only two kilometres in diameter.[3]

Further notes[]

Crater de la Isla Ibis

The island's newly formed "crater"

  • In Ending 1, a small area of land surrounding the facility is vaporised by a Third Energy overload. However, the director Q&A section of the Dino Crisis 2 Official Guide Book confirms this to be non-canon, with Ending 3 as the canon ending.
  • The naming of the island is a pun made by Capcom. The Ibis birds are referred to as toki (とき?) in Japanese. This word is also the Japanese word for "when" ( toki?), thus referencing the time-travel element. It was decided to name the island after the Ibis bird so it would make a reasonably-sounding animal-based place name like Resident Evil's Raccoon City.[2][excerpt 5]



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