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"A special item that Regina brought herself."
— Item description

Inf. Grenades (Infinite Grenades) are an alternative ammo type for the Grenade Gun.


They are an infinite ammo version of Grenade Bullets. As their normal conterparts, the bullets explode on contact and deal a high amount of damage. As their ammo are infinite, they should be used on all non-mobile opponents, including all types of Velociraptors, Therizinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus.


It can be acquired by beating the game at least 3 times and seeing all the 3 different endings, thus making it appear in the inventory along with Grenade Gun at the start of the next game after seeing the last distinctive ending.

It is also possible to obtain Inf. Grenades without seeing all three endings, however, while the exact circumstances are unclear, it seems to require an extremely efficient run with no saves, no continues, and completion in under 2:30:00. It may also require the best (helicopter) ending, but this is not proven.[1]