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Inside Cooling Aqueduct is an area of the Third Energy Facility.


A dead diver by the name of Bob can be found in this room. The rest of the passage leads to the 3rd Energy Reactor.


After a plug is placed inside the Water Cir. Sys. Control Rm, the shutter can be opened. Another corpse will be found on the other side of the upper level, carrying the City Keycard. The (PlesiosaurusDino File can be found on the other side of the second elevator. There's a save terminal inside the Cooling Aqueduct passageway leading to the 3rd Energy Reactor.


Location Localization Original Script
Closed shutter It's a shutter to close the waterways. You can hear a low sound of the machines. But it doesn't seem like the machines are stopping. 水路を遮断するシャッターだ 低い機械音が聞こえる 機能が停止しているわけではないようだ
Bob's corpse. The pipe of the oxygen supply has been cut or chewed off from the back of his diving suit. ダイバースーツの背後の酸素供給パイプが噛み切られている