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Jacob (tentative) is a cutscene in Dino Crisis 3. All scenes for this game were storyboarded by Shinji Higuchi and directed by Makoto Kamiya.[1]


Patrick Tyler is unable to kill the Regulus because of its strong armour plates. He is soon distracted by Caren, who has followed him into the room. She takes note of the dinosaur too late, and he has to back himself into a corner to protect her. Captain Jacob Ranshaw and Sonya Hart begin shooting at the Regulus from the air, giving them time to escape. The creature retreats, but starts to use its tail defensively. Patrick realises its intention and shoos Caren off, but both are hit by the tail and fly into the room's walls. Caren suffers head trauma and falls unconscious. With the situation quickly spinning out of control, Captain Ranshaw orders everyone to leave the room while he keeps the creature distracted. Hart objects while she carries the unconscious Caren. Regulus takes advantage of the limited firing to approach Captain Ranshaw. Tyler and Hart escape to the upper level with Caren, both carrying her to lighten their jetpack load. Without their help, Regulus is quickly able to overpower Captain Ranshaw, even with him causing injury to its mouth. On the floor; injured and out of ammunition, he takes out a grenade detonates it and himself while the creature tries to swallow him whole. Tyler and Hart take Caren out of the room. She comes too briefly, but quickly dies. Her skin begins to dissolve, revealing her android nature.


Caren: "Patrick. Patrick! Patrick."

Patrick: "What are you do-"

Jacob: "Patrick!"

Patrick: "Thanks for coming."
"No, run!"

Jacob: "I'll distract it. In the meantime, all of you get out of here. Fast!"

Sonya: "But, Captain-"

Jacob: "That's an order, soldier!"

Sonya: "Captain!"

Jacob: "Time for some 'one on one' action."

Patrick: "Let's go."

Jacob: "I'm taking you with me!"

Sonya: "Captain..."

Patrick: "Caren!"

Caren: "Patrick..."

Patrick: "Caren! Caren!"

Sonya: "Oh my god..."

Patrick: "No. It's not possible! Caren was- no... She was... an android?"

Sonya: "That explains how she survived on her own for three hundred years. C'mon, Patrick, there's nothing we can do here."

Caren: 「パトリック!」

Patrick: 「バカ なにしに来たんだ」

Jacob: 「パトリック!」

Patrick: 「たのもしい」

Jacob: 「俺がこのクソったれをやるお前たちはいけ」

Sonya: 「しかし隊長」

Jacob: 「これは命令だ!」

Sonya: 「隊長」

Jacob: 「さァこい    お前は俺の獲物だ」

Patrick: 「いこぞ」

Jacob: 「一緒に連れていってやるぞ」

Sonya: 「隊長…」

Patrick: 「カレン」

Caren: 「パトリック…」

Patrick: 「カレン カレン!」

Sonya: 「まさか…」

Patrick: 「そんな    カレンが……」

Sonya: 「だから300年もひとりで生き延びたのね」
「…ときましょう    パトリックここにいても仕方ないわ」