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Captain Jacob Ranshaw (c.2516-2548)[1] was a team leader in Special Operations And Reconnaissance, a special operations force operating in space. His directness and bold decision-making abilities were critical to the operation, and he was considered a fanatic about the safety of his troops.


In 2548 Ranshaw led a SOAR operation to Ozymandias, a 23rd-century colony ship which was declared lost but had unexpectedly warped in orbit over Jupiter. Soon after arrival, the probe ship, Seyfert, was destroyed, followed by the SOAR shuttle. Of the team only Ranshaw, Patrick Tyler, Sonya Hart and McCoy survived the explosion.[2]

How Ranshaw boarded the ship is uncertain, though he soon ran into Tyler at Airlock 1.[3] The two were almost killed immediate after when debris from Seyfert broke a hole in a window, possibly as an intentional choice by MTHR 248 to not protect them.[3] The two were saved by Hart, who was able to force the shutters down. The two were then separated when attacked by a pack of Rigel.[4]

After this, Ranshaw met up with Hart at the Main Bridge, where they began investigating the ship's computer for information relevant to both their original investigation as well as why Seyfert was attacked and the origins of the strange animals populating the ship. They soon discovered that the animals were the by-product of a genetic engineering experiment conducted by MTHR following the crew's death in 2248 from lethal radiation exposure, and that MTHR had become fanatically devoted to protecting the animals, having destroyed Seyfert to prevent interference.[5][6]

Following Tyler's discovery of a survivor, Caren Velasquez, who they believed had been in cryogenic suspension since the original accident, Ranshaw ordered they rendezvous elsewhere on the ship to search for a shuttle to evacuate in.[7] During the trip, Ranshaw and Hart met up with Velasquez, who led them to the ship's DNA Laboratory where Ranshaw was in battle with Regulus. When Velasquez was severely wounded by the creature, Ranshaw had Tyler and Hart rescue her while he distracted the creature. In the one-on-one battle, Ranshaw was himself wounded, and was forced to sacrifice himself with a grenade in an ultimately futile attempt to kill the creature.[8]


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