Jacob Ranshaw was a team leader in Special Operations And Reconnaissance, a special operations force operating in space. His directness and bold decision-making abilities are critical to the operation. He's a fanatic about the safety of his troops.


Jacob led a SOAR team to investigate Ozymandias, a 23rd century colony ship which had reappeared in Jupiter three centuries after its disappearance. When Ozymandias destroyed their shuttle and its mother ship, Seyfert, Jacob was one of four survivors, with everyone else perishing in the twin attacks. Unlike the other three survivors, Jacob entered the ship on the starboard side. He later stumbled onto Patrick Tyler at an airlock accessway as the Ozymandias began destroying debris; the two were almost sucked out into space when debris impacted on a window, but were saved when Sonya Hart activated the emergency shutters. The three took control of the ship's main bridge and concluded their investigation into the ship's disappearance when activating ship logs. After Patrick discovered the android, Caren, believing her to be a surviving passenger, Jacob and Sonya rallied to the Shaft Sector to meet up with the two. They rescued Patrick and Caren in the DNA laboratory when the Regulus emerged from its chamber, and Jacob sacrificed himself in an explosion in a failed attempt to defeat it.


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