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Journal of the guardsmen[note 1] is a file in Dino Crisis.


Journal of the guardsmen location.

The file location.

The file can be found inside the Locker Room of Facility 1F.


Note: Both 0426 and 0375 are possible codes.

Before tonight's experiment, the chief and Dr. Kirk will be having a meeting at the 2nd floor lounge from 1:00 p.m. Those who are scheduled to guard should keep a preponderant eye on the area in front of the Chief's Room, and the surrounding vicinity.

Before taking positions, be sure to re-supply your ammunition in the custody room. The weapon storage in the custody room can be opened with the combination, "0426/0375". Also, we have received information that spies have sneaked into the facility recently.

If anything happens, you may have to enter the rooms of the chief and the professor in order to insure their safety. You will find the disk that contains the information you will need to access their rooms on top of the locker. That's all for now.

今夜の実験にあたって、 午後1時より、 2階のラウンジにて所長とカーク博士がミーティングを行う。 警備にあたる者は、 特に所長室前を重点的にマークしてほしい。

警備に行く際には、 管理室で弾薬を補給しておくこと。
管理室の武器庫は 《0375》 で開くことができる。

また、 最近、 施設内にスパイが潜入しているらしいという情報が入っている。 そのため、 有事に際しては所長・博士両名の安全を確保するために、 同室に踏み込むこともあり得るだろう。 その際に必要な情報をインプットしたディスクを、 ロッカーの上に置いておく。





  1. Files do not have names in Dino Crisis. Article names on the Wiki are tentative only.