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Julia Morton was the wife of Colonel Dylan Morton and the mother of Paula.


Early life[]

Several years after the rescue mission in Edward City, Dylan Morton married Julia and together they had one daughter, Paula Morton.

Noah's Ark Plan[]

On August 10, 2055 Julia and Paula accompanied Dylan and others as they traveled to the distant past to transport the dinosaurs 3,000,000 years into the future in order to stop a time crisis catastrophe caused by the Third Energy that would prevent the human race from ever existing, and since the project could take too much time the soldiers decided to bring their families along.

However, when the job was finished and everyone prepared to go back to their original timeline the Time Gate closed up on itself, stranding the people on the wrong side. Knowing it would not be possible to coexist with the creatures, they attempted to reopen the gate but were unsuccessful.

Julia was killed by the creatures and their daughter Paula was injured and had to go in the Life Support Chambers to heal her with the downside chance of her being incapable of speech.[1]

In the novelization, a younger Dylan receives a message from Col. Morton, who tells what happened with the Noah's Ark Plan and it is implied that Dylan will use this acknowledge and the advanced technology from 2055 to prevent the deaths of everyone involved in the project and therefore preventing Julia's death.


  • She may be related to Dr. Jack Morton through her marriage with Dylan since both men share the same last name.


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