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The Jungle (ジャングル Janguru?) was a region of Earth in its distant future. It was home to a multitude of flora and fauna, from poisonous fungi to dinosaurs. The jungle terminated at a mountain range and at least one active volcano to the north, while large fields of grass lay bordered its eastern edge.


While it is uncertain if the jungle itself was created by the Noah's Ark Project, it is known the WAPP determined it to be the perfect place to temporally displace a number of dinosaurs. The jungle itself was already large in size when a timespace anomaly occurred, replacing a large area of the jungle with the human settlement of Edward City along with various military facilities east and west of a lake. Over the next ten years the jungle slowly expanded again to its previous limits, consuming buildings in the process and bringing with them greater and greater contact between the jungle-dwelling dinosaurs and the humans. Along with the dinosaurs' spread came poisonous organisms such as Pp-34, which forced army patrols to take detours when transporting materials between facilities.

When the T.R.A.T. rescue team arrived in the future world, the jungle had totally consumed the human structures west of the lake and prompted their abandonment. The research facility and military facility had partially collapsed, allowing dinosaurs to easily inhabit buildings; a tunnel for vehicle traffic had totally collapsed, and a wooden bridge built to reach the Missile Silo without going through the poison zone was destroyed. The jungle by this point was largely taken over by various Velociraptor packs which claimed much of the region, though they were in direct competition with Oviraptors. Large theropods such as Tyrannosaurs and at least one Giganotosaurus were also known to patrol the jungle in search of pray rather than exclusively hunting out in the open.




The Jungle's northern parts consisted of hilly terrain with steep drops either carved by the Army or naturally formed. Patrols taking this northern route from the Military Facility to the Dock, via the Water Tower, were expected to climb ladders going perhaps tens of meters high in places. A deep trench formed southwards towards the Dock, and thus required a bridge for patrols to cross. This southern route was otherwise much more flat, but extending westwards into the poison zone to the Water Tower; to the south of this poison zone was a drop going through the densest part of the zone headed to the Missile Silo.

Northern zone[]

Southern zone[]