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Jungle/North Route ② is an area of the Jungle.


This is the second North Route ventured as the ladder leads to the Jungle/North Route ③.


Much like the previous route, this area will be swarming with Velociraptor. They will attempt to jump in from anywhere so be prepared for anything. Again, if player can get through this route without conceded any damage, they can gather bonus points.


This table is based on information presented in the Japanese guidebook, DINO CRISIS 2 Official Guide Book.[1]

Set Set trigger Enemy type (Hard) Total to kill (Hard) Room
maximum (Hard)
Onscreen Max Mosquitoes appear
when bleeding?
1 First visit Velociraptor, Lv. 1 and 2 (Lv. 3 and 4) 40 (60) 20 (30) 2 No
2 First Regina playthrough Velociraptor, Lv. 3 and 4 (Lv. 4) 40 (60) 20 (30) 2 No
3 After Tyrannosaurus leaves the map Velociraptor, Lv. 3 and 4 40 (60) 25 (35) 3 Yes
4 After hearing David on the radio at City Front/Dock Velociraptor, Lv. 3 and 5 40 (60) 25 (35) 3 Yes


Further Notes[]

Once you regain control of Dylan and visit the North route of the jungle again. If you gain a combo of 20 in the Jungle/North Route ①, then go to Jungle/North Route ②, You will see Lv. 6 Raptors (Blue Raptors) running away from the Tyrannosaurus.



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