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Jungle/North Route ④ is an area of the Jungle ventured by Dylan.


This is the last North Route before arriving at the Water Tower.  


Dylan can reach this area by climbing down the ladder, heading forward a couple of Velociraptors will attempt to charge him from the front. Though, they are some who would appear from behind so make sure you don't stay at one place.

On top of two large containers, there's a Med Pak L and also a Med Pak M. The door to the far end leads to the Water Tower.


This table is based on information presented in the Japanese guidebook, DINO CRISIS 2 Official Guide Book.[1]

Set Set trigger Enemy type (Hard) Total to kill (Hard) Room
maximum (Hard)
Onscreen Max Mosquitoes appear
when bleeding?
1 First visit Velociraptor, Lv. 1 and 2 (Lv. 3 and 4) 40 (60) 20 (30) 2 No
2 First Regina playthrough Velociraptor, Lv. 3 and 4 (Lv. 4) 40 (60) 20 (30) 2 No
3 After rescuing Dylan from Material Storage Velociraptor, Lv. 3 and 4 40 (60) 25 (35) 3 Yes
4 After hearing David on the radio at City Front/Dock Velociraptor, Lv. 3 and 5 40 (60) 25 (35) 3 Yes




  1. DINO CRISIS 2 Official Guide Book.