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The Large Elevator Passage (or Large Size Elevator Passageway) is an area of the Facility Outdoors that is featured in Dino Crisis.


It is a part of the facility outdoor area, which connecting the outer compound of the facility backyard to the large size elevator area. Fences are built to separate the facility compound and this passage. Large crates are placed on the midway of the passage, while few barrels are located near the large size elevator entry.


There are two Velociraptors that will be face around the passage. Items that can be pickup are SG Bullets and Resuscitation pack.

Had player return to this passage, a cutscene will play showing the ground collapse in which player must press the necessary button prompts to avoid falling thus causing instant death.


Location Localization Original Script
The broken fences It looks like it's been ripped open by something. 何者かによって引き裂かれたようだ
Hole after the floor collapses The crack looks very deep. It's too dangerous to jump over it. かなり深い亀裂が走っている 飛び越すのは危険だ
SG Bullets Will you take the SG Bullets? Yes / No
Resuscitation Will you take the Resuscitation? Yes / No


Further Notes[]

  • After a specific time (approximately when the B1 area is reached) a large chunk of the ground breaks off of the area rendering the passageway useless. It is actually possible to experience the breaking and it is a "Danger" moment. The developers seem to have chosen this course of action because after the Large Size Elevator was broken they did not to have to deal with people going back to the facility outdoors area as they would have had to make a new model to show that the elevator was not there as it was currently in the B1 area.