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Large Size Elevator is an area of the Facility Outdoors that is featured in Dino Crisis.


It is a large area used for transporting materials to each of the floors in the facility. It can be used to access the facility outdoors area, the B1 Floor and the B3 floor. The elevator has a large power requirement as it has its own generator as well as a control room to ensure that it works correctly. It is also connected to the hangar via the large door marked R-6. The elevator was presumably used to transport materials shipped in through the Heliport.


The elevator is used several times during the story line of Dino Crisis. It is first used to access the B1 floor, then later on it is used again to reach the B3 floor. A group of survivors use it when escaping from the Tyrannosaurus and the elevator becomes permanently unusable after this encounter, as the dinosaur destroys the control panel.


Pteranodon attack regina

Regina is attacked by the Pteranodon when she arrives the Large Size elevator first.

Pteranodon will be an enemy that will fly around the area.

The player can activate the elevator power inside the power room. Once the power is activated, the elevator power can be turned on by checking the control panel. Next, the player must head back into the control room to get Rick and Tom. After the elevator malfunctions and the power is restored, it may be reentered to find useful items like Port Card Key, DDK Input Disc D and a plug.


Location Localization Original Script
Small elevator It looks like a small elevator. It's not responding. 小型エレベータのようだ 何の反応もない
Notice on the wall The notice reads: "Make sure to lock the door to the heliport hanger when using the big elevator". 注意書きが書いてある 《大型エレベータを使用する際はヘリポート格納庫の扉を必ずロックすること》
The control panel (The power is off) The control panel for the big elevator. It's not responding now. It could become operable if the power source is activated. 大型エレベータの操作パネルだ 今は何の反応もない どこかで動力を起動させれば操作できるようになるだろう
The control panel (The power is on) Will you turn on the power for the control panel? Yes / No 操作パネルの電源を入れますか? Yes / No
Checking the control panel You should get back to Rick and Tom as soon as possible. 一刻も早く リックとトムのもとへ戻らなければ……
Corpses on the ground He's been torn apart by the Tyrannosaurus. ティラノサウルスによってずたずたに引き裂かれている
The control panel (Destroyed by the Tyrannosaurus on B3) It's completely wrecked. It would be impossible to activate it again. 完全に破壊されている 起動させるのは無理だろう