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The Large Size Elevator Control Room was an area of the Ibis Island Third Energy research facility located in the Facility Outdoors area.


The room are stored with all the equipment used to manage the Large Size Elevator and the surrounding installations. It also contains lockers for the staff assigned to work here and a map of the Facility Outdoors area.


Rick stationed himself here until the Elevator was activated. Tom was laying in this room injured, too weak to move.


Upon entry for the first time, Tom is found inside this room wounded. Tom will give Regina one of the "L" discs, before fall unconscious. Rick will stay to treat Tom's wound, while Regina must find a way to restore power for the large elevator.

Assuming Regina's role, player can find another "L" discs on the side of the computer terminal. Head for the next room, player can record the outdoors area map data that is posted on the wall.

After restoring the power for the elevator inside the power room, player can turn the power back on at the elevator area. Once done, player must to this room to get Rick and Tom, before progressing to the next area.


Location Localization Original Script
Checking on Rick (After the interaction) He is taking care of Tom's wound. トムの傷を調べている
Tom's corpse (Gail route) The corpse of Tom, one of our comrades. He lost a lot of blood before dying. 仲間のトムの死体だ 多量の血が流れ出している
Trail of blood left by Tom The blood has begun to coagulate. 血が流れている すでに乾き始めている
Computer terminal Computer terminals to monitor and record the status of the large scale devices set outside of the facility. It's appears to be used to record the status of the use of the big elevators as well as the landing and departing status of the heliport. 施設屋外の大型設備の稼働状況を管理・記録するための端末類だ 大型エレベータの使用・ヘリポートへの発着などが記録されるようだ
Machine A machine to save the data that has been processed at the computer terminals. 端末で処理されたデータを保存するためのマシンだ
The map on the wall The Outdoors area map is on the wall. Will you record the map data? Yes / No 屋外エリアのマップがパネルに描かれている マップのデータを記録しますか? Yes / No
The lockers Private belongings of the personnel. Nothing useful. 所員たちの私物が入っている 役に立ちそうなものはない


Before restoring power
After restoring power