Dino Crisis Wiki

Laser Shutters are a security system commonly found throughout the Ibis Island Facility. At the start of the game, there's no way to get past them other than use the ventilation system to move to another room. However, once Rick starts hacking the computer systems of a specific floor, they become unlocked for that floor and Regina can toggle them on and off with a keypad located next to them.


Laser Shutters are a very low risk hazard. While they won't damage Regina, they will knock her back when she touches them. While normally meant to deter Regina's progress throughout the facility, they can also be an invaluable survival tool. Dinosaurs also are affected by the laser shutters and cannot pass through them. Touching them typically knocks the dinosaur onto its back.(or pushes them back in the case of Therizinosaurus) The player can use this to their advantage to keep a dinosaur away from them or completely trap one in some cases. Additionally, bullets are unaffected by the shutters and can be fired through them at dinosaurs on the other side, allowing the Regina to stay safely behind a shutter while she fires at the dinosaurs. It should be noted that the Dinosaur AI doesn't seem to recognize when a shutter is closed and will constantly run into the shutter trying to get to Regina on the other side, being knocked down every time.