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The Lecture Room is an area of the Facility 1F that is featured in Dino Crisis.


It is a large hall that was used as a place to conduct conferences and lectures concerning the facility's experiments. There are several rows of tables and chairs as well as a desk and display presumably used by Doctor Kirk.


Regina enters this room when she is looking for Doctor Kirk. She is suddenly attacked and almost killed by a Velociraptor. Gail, who has been missing, showed up suddenly and saved Regina from the Velociraptor. Player can find the Recovery Aid and BG Room B1 Key inside the lecture room.

Note: Accidentally, Rick calls this room "Training Room" instead of Lecture Room in the call he makes before releasing the DDK "N" lock.


Location Localization Original Script
Recovery Aid Will you take the Recovery Aid? Yes / No
The whiteboard They seem to be having an induction course. 新人研修をしていたようだ
The Borginian Republic flag A military flag. 軍の旗がかけてある